The True Story of the House of Pain

No one has ever told the story of arguably the most renowned gym in the history of the boxing. Our goal is to remind the people who do remember the Kronk gym, and tell the story to a generation that did not get to experience this golden age of boxing. This gym and the legends that came from it inspired the city, and the world. Although Detroit has seemingly forgotten about the Kronk Recreational Center, as it is scheduled for demolition, we may be able to raise enough interest to save the gym and cement its rightful place in boxing history.


Our goal is to tell the story of Detroit’s historic Kronk Gym through the eyes of its renowned trainers and champions. How did the city of Detroit shape what Kronk would become in the 80s, and 90s? Conversely, what did Kronk, and the notoriety of its champion fighters mean to a city striving to define its own identity? With these insights, we hope to paint a vibrant picture of Detroit at a time when boxing was king, and the Kronk Gym, its castle.

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